1870 Monthey

The capital and economic centre of the region, ideally located halfway between the lake and the mountains, this Chablaisian city is the proud host to numerous cultural, sporting and festive activities.

Located on the heights and fully integrated into the municipality of Monthey, Choëx and Les Giettes offer a magnificent view across the countryside and Lake Geneva. The rich fauna and diverse flora make it an ideal playground for hiking, skiing or snowshoeing.

Perhaps thanks to its industries? Certainly, due to its Crochetan Theatre, quite certainly. No doubt for its Carnival ! However, Monthey is more than that. Much more.

Monthey, a remarkable cultural centre. Theatres, art galleries, concert halls and events offer a high-quality eclectic schedule throughout the year. Audacious, open to discovery, offering unforgettable attractions, this is the profile of Monthey’s renown cultural venues.

Monthey, a city of action. Over 500 events per year. Entertainment, leisure or simply celebrate in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

A distinctly unusual and... audacious city !