Sell your real estate property in Valais

We are number 1 for many reasons !

Every year, we sell hundreds of properties in Valais. Why not yours?

Valimmobilier is first and foremost the commitment to offer top-notch personalized services to each of our customers. 

Valimmobilier is also the largest sales forces in the Canton of Valais, with over thirty professional brokers and agencies present at the heart of the key localities in the canton. 

Finally, Valimmobilier is the agency that offers the broadest choice of real estate in the Canton of Valais.We would like to point out that we also have many other properties whose owners did not wish to have them published on the Internet. 

When you choose Valimmobilier to take care of your property, you are not working with an isolated agency or broker, but with a real-estate group with skilled and efficient brokers in all the regions of the Canton of Valais. This allows you to benefit from the contacts and knowledge of all the brokers in our network. 

Result: Your potential buyer is found much sooner and your property is sold at the best possible price.

Your advantages at a glance

  • You benefit from the largest sales force in real estate: Dozens of brokers present throughout the Canton of Valais.
  • You benefit from a free, no-obligation estimate.
  • With a single listing agreement, you benefit from the extensive contacts of all our brokers.
  • All our brokers work for you and make an immediate selection of the buyers likely to be interested in your property.
  • Your property is offered for sale at all our real estate agencies.
  • You boost your chances of success, while benefiting from high-quality services provided with an uncompromisingly ethical approach. 
  • You keep a single contact person.
  • The dissemination methods used by Valimmobilier® make it possible to reach both national and international customers (in particular through our many partner agencies abroad).
  • Your property will appear in “La Gazette”, the most extensive real-estate publication devoted entirely to the Canton of Valais.
  • You will not be invoiced any advertising costs.

  Result: Your property is sold sooner and at the best possible price.

"La Gazette"

If you use our services to sell your property, it will appear in “La Gazette”, the most extensive real-estate publication devoted entirely to the Canton of Valais. As we edit the publication, only properties we are offering for sale can appear in it. 

Several thousand copies of the Gazette are distributed free of charge at over a hundred sales outlets in the Cantons of Valais and Vaud. In particular, you will find the publication at all our agencies, at the branches of the Crédit Suisse of Valais, at Hombach stores, at Aquaparc, at many Coop and Casino retail outlets and at various other shops and cultural locations.

Efficiency above all

By entrusting your property to Valimmobilier, you are not entrusting it to an agency or an isolated broker, you are entrusting it to a real estate group with competent and efficient brokers in all regions of the canton of Valais. You benefit from the contacts and knowledge of all the company's brokers. 

Result: the potential buyer is found much faster and the sale will be made at the best price.

Brokerage and sales

Thanks to the tens of thousands of visits to our website each month, to publication on the main websites, to the information exchanged between our brokers and to our strategic locations at the heart of the towns in the canton, the publication in our specialized magazine (La Gazette), your property benefits from optimal media coverage and exposure.

Our clientele

Our dissemination methods allow us to reach both national and international customers.
We also work actively with our partner agencies abroad. This allows us to be present in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Belgium, the Netherlands, China, Italy, Monaco and the United Arab Emirates, among other countries.

Our agencies

The properties entrusted to us for sale are offered to our clients at all our real-estate agencies and through our different window displays. Here, nothing is left to chance: Valimmobilier is the agency with the most real estate agency in Valais.
Our agencies are strategically located, in particular in Sion, in Sierre, in Brig, in Martigny, in Collombey (Chablais), in Torgon, in Savièse, in Crans-Montana, in Haute-Nendaz and in Champex-Lac (Val de Bagnes).


Thanks to our fortunate partnerships with a number of financial establishments, financing solutions for the purchase of your property will be made easier and faster.

Exclusive or non exclusive representation: you decide

For the sale of your property, we offer the option of providing exclusive or non exclusive representation. This method provides complete freedom to decide which strategy best suits you.
Receive our undivided attention.
There are instances in which a seller may rely on several different real estate agencies, hoping to increase the chances for a quicker sale and to sell at the highest price possible. Unfortunately, that is hardly the case. Relying on several agencies who are competing against one another, handling the same property, more often has a negative effect. Instead of raising the value of the property, it is in fact devalued as it is found listed on multiple websites with different prices and different descriptions. What would a potential buyer think? They would likely think that such a property with multiple listings, over a period of time, must have a hidden pitfall scaring off other buyers. The trust needed for a proper sale is lost.
By entrusting us with the sale of your property, you multiply your chances of finding a buyer, while at the same time avoiding the problems of leaving multiple agencies to handle your property. This allows you to benefit from the extensive contacts of all our staff.

Not all real estate agencies are equal

Beware of “real estate agents” who lack ethics and handle any type of property, regardless of asking price or condition, with the sole purpose of increasing their portfolio, even though they know they won’t be able to sell those properties. This primarily affects you as your property will lose value among potential buyers. It will stay on the market for several months, and you will eventually have to lower the asking price. This brings down the value of the property and loses you money.
While this practice is common, it goes against the ethics and professionalism of our staff. By choosing to work with Valimmobilier, you can avoid these problems and watch your property sell quickly for the best asking price.

Free estimate

Appraisal of a property is an aspect of the business that requires true professionalism and experience. During the sale or rental of a property, our brokers will evaluate your apartment, house or land free of charge. Keep in mind that an undervalued property creates an opportunity to lose money, while an over-valued property won’t find a buyer.

A true win-win situation

Allowing Valimmobilier to sell your property maximizes the chances of a prompt sale and allows our superior work ethic and top notch services to work for you.
 By choosing to work with Valimmobilier, you avoid these problems and your property will be sold sooner and at the best price.

Our commitment

Our staff provide their expertise at your disposal to a prompt sell at the best asking price of your property located in Valais. Our brokers are committed to:
  • Responding to legal and financial questions;
  • Taking all regulatory measures;
  • Representing your property well through a descriptive listing to showcase the property;
  • Putting the advantages of a network to work for you (the knowledge and numerous contacts each real estate agent throughout the Valais canton);
  • Effectively advertising your property;
  • Taking charge of showing your property, and
  • Negotiating the sale of your property.

With Valimmobilier...

You boost your chances of success in your real-estate transactions, while benefiting from an uncompromisingly ethical approach to the high-quality services provided.
You benefit from the astute advice of our qualified and skilled staff.
You will not be invoiced any advertising costs or administrative expenses.
You benefit from our top-notch infrastructures to showcase your property on the internet (on the main websites), in the city centres of the canton (through our agencies), at national level (through our partnership with several agencies) and at international level (through our privileged partnership with several foreign agencies).

An acknowledged fact

By entrusting us with the sale of your property, you are increasing your chances of success, while keeping a single contact person. Your real estate will be sold sooner and at the best price.