1875 Morgins

The last Swiss stop on the road to France and the gateway to the Val d'Abondance, Morgins is a vital link between the Swiss and French territories of the Portes du Soleil.

In Morgins you notice the elements; the pungent, earthy tang of shady spruce forests, the oxygen charged alpine air, striking orange rocks in an iron-rich stream. Water is everywhere, from bubbling forest brooks to cascading waterfalls to the limpid Lac de Morgins.

In summer, Morgins offers some of the region’s most interesting educational trails. The nearby Vallon de They is home to a herd of imposing Hérens cows, known for their spectacular combats over rank within the herd. In winter, you'll find long, scenic ski runs and the Rando Park, the region’s only official ski touring training ground.