Property management


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Valimmobilier offers high quality, personnalized services to every client, with consultations and proxies specifically adapted to your profile and your requirements in management, joint ownership administration, selling while specializing in your future needs.

Our real-estate management centre guarantees high-quality services to meet your expectations.


Property management

Whether pertaining to a building, apartment, villa, lodge, market, office space or business we are available to help you obtain the maximum benefit of your property while at its best. Our team dedicates its attention to your property and is only a call away for any of the desired services. Due to continuous training and knowledge of the region, we can react with ease to the changing market and offer the best service possible.

Our service offer includes, among many:

  • Renting available spaces, prospecting potential buyers (if necessary by ads or other forms of advertisements);
  • Overseeing changing of tenants;
  • Arranging necessary acquisitions, repairs, renovations, as well as their maintenance;
  • Processing and settling insurance claims;
  • Establishing guidelines for the property management and overseeing their activities, decisions and handling compensation;
  • Managing rent approvals, payment reminders and deposits;
  • Surveillance and preventative measures to ensure the optimal level of maintenance of the property;
  • Management of payments, all deposits and withdrawals made by the tenants’ account;
  • Determining the annual discount for heat, water and other utilities;
  • We skillfully and effectively aim to preserve or increase the value of the properties entrusted to us;
  • Account keeping for co-ownership property.


Condominium Ownership Management

You are the owner of a floor in a building where each floor or office belongs to other people who reserve the same rights and obligations as you. We offer you the opportunity to help you determine the appropriate communal fees and private fees, and resolve conflicts through our knowledge and neutrality.


  • Summoning and managing ongoing maintenance work;
  • Terminating necessary contracts relating to building management;
  • Organizing meetings for joint owners;
  • Execution of decisions resulting from joint owner meetings;
  • Execution of urgent measures to prevent or stop damage;
  • Execution of executive board decisions;
  • Deposit of member payments;
  • Handle owners who do not pay their share of the fees;
  • Requisition of a mortgage, if necessary;
  • Managing and payment of communal fees;
  • Management and use of communal funds, namely for renovation;
  • Distribution of communal fees and accounting;
  • Management and accounting reports to be presented at the joint owner meetings;
  • Address frequently asked joint owner questions;
  • Provide counsel and resolve disagreements between joint owners in litigation;

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